Chocolate raspberry cake

My dad and I tried out this four layered chocolate cake with raspberry and ganache filling for Justin and my dad’s birthday.  It seemed pretty simple at the time because we were just going to use box cake, tub frosting, and canned raspberry filling. Yet the assembly was pretty complex.

Making the cake was pretty straight forward. My dad did add a little trick to the cake pan though. He took some parchment paper and folded it twice into a square and then folded that twice into a triangle. He then cut the end of the paper to fit the cake pan. This helps for an easy removal of the cake. He also used his new kitchen scale to make sure the cakes were equal in size and weight. Then we just followed the directions on the box to bake and cool the cake. Once it was cool, he used fishing line to cut the two cakes in half, making four layers.

We decided that we shouldn’t put the raspberry filling directly on the cake because we though it might get soggy. We thought we could avoid this problem if we covered the cake with the frosting on both side and then added the filling in the middle. However we only had 1 tub of frosting which would not have been enough to ice the exterior and interior of the cake. So we decided to make a quick ganache with some half and half and baker’s chocolate that we had on hand. We didn’t follow a recipe and had a little trouble getting it to thicken. So we added some cornstarch and cooked for a bit. According to the recipes I read you only heat the cream to boil and then pour it over the chocolate and stir until it melts together. But our method ended up working out just fine.

We poured a little ganache onto the cake stand so that the cake wouldn’t move around too much. However, with all of the layers the cake still had a tendancy to move around. We put three big skewers into the cake to try to keep the cake stable. Next, we added our first layer and spread some ganache on top. After this we “ganached” the other three layers. We placed the filling in a baggie with the corner snipped off and squeezed some on to the layer and spread evenly.  My dad picked up one of the ganached layers and flipped it on to the first layer of the cake so that the ganached side was face down. Then we repeated those steps until our layer cake was assembled.

Before we iced the cake we took a knife to even out the sides of the cake. My dad held the knife while I turned the cake stand. Next we put dollops of the icing on the side so as to not get crumbs mixed into the frosting. Afterward we held the knife and spun the cake to even out the icing on the sides. We iced the top much like we did the sides – by placing dollops on the top and smoothing them out. The final touch was the clean the rim of the cake stand that had a mixture of icing and cake on it. Next time we will have to remember to place parchment paper between the cake stand and the first layer. If you cut the paper into four or six sections and place them around the edge of the stand you can easily pull them out when the cake is iced, leaving a clean plate beneath.


About thegoodscald

Daughter of Dennis and Donna, I grew up in a home where love was shown through food. Preparing and sharing a family meal has always brought us together. After eating the best meals, my grandma Betty spoke for all of us when she declared "that's a good scald." I hope that this blog can act as a living document of my family's culinary history. Through recording our recipes we can relive the times we have shared and enjoy many more good scalds.
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